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In the 2014-15 Federal Budget Papers, a small post it sized note appeared stating that the Budget would remove funding for the Australian Interactive Games Fund. The fund was introduced on 2012 by Arts Minister Simon Crean “Australian games studios are recognised internationally for their skill and originality in developing interactive games played all over the world, but the local industry is coming under increased pressure in the midst of a major market shift,” said Crean.

“This is a substantial investment to foster this growing sector where artists, musicians, writers, performers, and software developers collaborate to meet the local and global demand for interactive entertainment and education.”

$5 million will be available during the first two years of the program, a figure that doubles to $10 million in 2014-2015.

In 2014 the remaining $10 million in this account will go back to the Government and this grant will be closed, making it harder for the future of games developers and graduates in Australia.

Australia has produced some memorable and award winning games like L.A. Noire from Team Bondi, Krome Studios, 2k Australia made the award winning BioShock series. Many of these studios have had to close down due to funding issues, and the Government taking this fund away will only excel the depletion of the games industry in Australia.

We, the gaming community of Australia, call on the Australian Government to support the Australian Interactive Games Fund as an investment in this country's future. We ask that you keep the already there balance of $10 million and allocate an extra $2million every year to keep this fund and to ensure the future of the Australian Gaming Industry.

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