United States of America

If we as lovers of our liberties allow ourselves to use the terms that our opponents use, we are destined to lose the war. If we inaccurately admit and mistakenly accept the belief that our Second Amendment rights are “civil rights”, we are in fact giving tacit approval to government to limit, deny and amend our most basic and sacred of rights. At that point our right to own a firearm or defend ourselves becomes a privilege, to be granted or denied by government! [Dennis Jackson], Keep and Bear Arms .com

We the undersigned, call upon Congress to never change, ratify, modify, adjust, adapt, add to , take away from, alter the 2nd Amendment ever again.

As humans on this planet we have a basic right to hunt for the purpose of food or controlling the animal population and to protect ourselves from any harm be it animals, wars, disasters, humans, or aliens if they exist.

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