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Dear Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Pollack,

I am writing on behalf of the UEU Officers, Building Representatives, and the Labor Management Committee. It is our understanding that when teachers were laid off on Friday they were given a minuscule amount of time to gather their belongings. Moreover, they were given inadequate time to get documents from their computers. Worse still, they were escorted by a security guard out of the building. This is treatment of educators is disrespectful, undignified and unnecessary.

We request that all persons laid off be given a reasonably allotted amount of time to collect their personal belongings and return IT equipment. They should be given the professional courtesy to leave the building of their own accord, without security escort, if their conduct remains professional and there is no cause for concern that their actions upon exiting will create a hostile environment. These are difficult times that are only exacerbated by inhumane and degrading treatment. The staff that have been laid off are being dismissed due to no fault of their own, therefore, there is no cause for this type of treatment.

We further request clarification regarding the materials and supplies of educators being involuntarily transferred. These educators bring many personal items--such as libraries, crafts supplies, professional books, furniture, and curricula materials--to provide the best possible education for our students, and the sudden movement of these items will place unexpected and undue cost on our educators. A schedule needs to be provided by UCSN detailing where these items will be stored this summer and when they will be moved, with UCSN paying all costs for any transport of supplies for educators involuntarily transferred.

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