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Fruit Heights City
United States of America

With the upcoming development of Arrowpoint and Lanes End Farm subdivisions, Fruit Heights city planners mandate that Laurelwood Drive / 400 South become a major east-west collector.

Developer, Mr. Rulon Gardner, originally proposed sharp curves where Laurelwood joins Green Road in an effort to slow traffic. City planners, however, have rejected this idea and continue to insist the road be a straight connection.

The City Planning Commission demands that in accordance with the Master Plan, Laurelwood will be widened by 70 feet and the Jersey barriers on the Fruit Heights/Kaysville boundary removed.

Should Laurelwood Drive be connected to Green Road? Mr. Gardner's original suggestion of adding two sharp curves to the road should be implemented.

The Jersey barriers currently in place at the border of Fruit Heights/Kaysville should remain in place.

Should the Jersey barriers be removed a public hearing should be held accepting inputs for traffic control measures in the affected neighborhoods.

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