10 Downing Street
United Kingdom

July 28, 2006

My three year old daughter was attacked while being looked after at a neighbour's house. Their border collie tore my daughters face, she needed 60 stitches and three operations, that is to date, she will need more in the future.

The dog is still allowed to live in there family home and it is to her discretion whether or not to have the dog destroyed as the dangerous dogs act only applies to dogs who bite in public.

This woman lives two roads down and still allows her dog to roam the street and walk freely around her home where her twin girls (also 3) live.

This dangerous dog should not be allowed to walk freely among her own children who are not old enough to understand the danger or to roam the street in front of her house.

I sign to urge a change in the law that any minor who is bitten by a dog in a house they are invited into. The destruction of the dog should be at the parent's/carer's discretion not the owner's.

I also sign to ask that the dangerous dog that brutally attacked Latitia Stanley be destroyed.

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The Latitia's plea petition to 10 Downing Street was written by Sharon Stanley and is in the category Justice at GoPetition.