#Consumer Affairs
Musictoday, LLC and Warehouse

On Behalf of all the Big and Tall, Curve and Full Figured Fans. While we appreciate the multitude of merchandise available to us both online and through the Merch Tents at shows, many of us are unable to purchase any of the clothing for our own personal use as sizes are limited.

We would kindly ask that 3X, 4 X and 5X sizes be added to the catalog of clothing. Additionally, we would ask the consideration be made for both wide and tall versions of the T-Shirts, Sweaters, Vests, Jackets, etc.

While we understand that there may be a slightly nominal difference in price, it does not supersede our interest or desire in having the option of buying Band Branded Clothing that fits our forms and lifestyles.

We, the undersigned hereby formally request that MusicToday LLC and its applicable subsidiaries begin to offer its Customer base a selection of clothing-related merchandise that can comfortably fit the Big, Tall and Full Figured Fans.

This should include sizes of 3, 4 and 5 XL and versions of both Tall and Wide varieties that will comfortably fit both our body and applicable lifestyle.

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