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Lara Boninc

Please see below a news report from the website of the Athens post which was originally published but has since been removed from the Femail online section of the Daily Mail:

Most designers would jump at the chance to gift celebrities with their creations.

But Lara Bohinc, who counts Samantha Cameron and Michelle Obama as fans, believes stars should pay for the goods they receive – and even almost refused to give Kate Moss one of her belts.

The Slovenian-born Royal College of Art graduate revealed that when asked for the piece for Kate, she had to ensure she would actually wear it.

‘I think celebrities should buy their own jewellery’: Lara Bohinc doesn’t think Kate Moss deserved one of her belts..

Bohinc, who has a store on Sloane Street in London, told The Telegraph: ‘Kate Moss asked for a belt once, so I gave it to her, but I had to say, “Are you sure she’ll be wearing it?” I didn’t want to see it on her Filipina maid.

‘I think celebrities should buy their own jewellery.

‘I don’t send stuff to anyone.’

Lara Bohinc makes chunky, gold art-deco inspired pieces..

The designer has made a name for herself selling chuncky, art-deco inspired pieces that have celebrities flocking to her store.

Her popularity rose after Samantha Cameron gave Michelle Obama one of her cuffs as a present at the G20 Summit in 2009.

Samantha Cameron, pictured in February, wearing a Lara Bohinc necklace..

But Bohinc claims she had no idea the Prime Minister’s wife had made the purchase.

Lara said: ‘It was an amazing surprise.

‘Samantha Cameron’s people came into the shop to buy it, but they didn’t say who they were, so I had no idea.’

We the undersigned believe that the comments made by designer Lara Boninc are unacceptable, why is the Nationality of her maid of any relevance?

We would request an apology for the offence caused!

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