New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission
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The time has come for you to step up and protect New York’s Art Deco heritage!

This is your one-time opportunity to add your voice to help preserve Irwin Chanin’s only public building, the Coney Island Pumping Station, when it comes before the Landmarks Preservation Committee in a few short weeks.

Why this building is worth saving:

1. Although Chanin is commonly known for his most monumental works include the Century and Majestic apartment houses and the Chanin Building, the Coney Island Pumping Station marked the change in his style from large Art Deco skyscrapers to low rise functional buildings used for the common good of all and to celebrate progress and innovation.

2. At the time of construction, the Coney Island Pumping Station was praised for being a creative alternative to the typically classical designs of other municipal buildings. The building appreciates the mechanization of the 1930s world at large and responded with architectural and industrial designs that reflects the attitudes of the machine age.

3. The beauty of the architectural design and use of the Art Deco style makes the Coney Island Pumping Station significant and irreplaceable as one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in New York City.

To make sure your voice is heard you must sign by noon on Wednesday, October 21st!

These few minutes of your time can help advocate for the preservation of one of our city’s great Art Deco treasures before it is lost forever.

We agree that the time has come for the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to Landmark the Coney Island Pumping Station.

Please Landmark this important Art Deco structure before it is lost forever!

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