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Lamar County in South Mississippi is one of the fastest growing counties with an agrarian history. For at least the past five years, homeowners have allowed their animals to roam the streets freely with little regard to other animals or humans alike.

In 2009, there were 16 reported animal nuisance calls to the Lamar County Sheriffs Office and during the week of 01/18/10 there were two incidents concerning animals. One incident occurred in a neighborhood where a woman on her daily walk was accosted and bitten by a neighbor's dog; the other incident involved a neighbor's dog gaining access to another neighbor's little dog via a locked fence and gate. The little dog, Belle, was torn from head to tail by the other dog.

We are constantly hearing about how Lamar County has no leash laws, has no animal laws, and has no animal control. In today's 21st Century, it is time to at least pass a leash law levied with fines to those pet owners who disregard the proposed law.

We, the undersigned, do respectfully request the passage of a leash law in Lamar County Mississippi to include neighborhoods where houses lie in close proximity, but to exclude open areas such as farm lands and hunting grounds, i.e. hunters with dogs.

The purpose of this proposed leash law is to protect other animals, pets, and residents who reside in said neighborhoods in Lamar County Mississippi from animals that are allowed to roam streets in neighborhoods freely.

For those individuals who own pets and disregard the law, fines would be levied by the county onto the pet owner and the first offense would be $75, the second offense would be $150, and the third offense would result in a $300 fine with a 30 day time limit to pay restitution.

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