#Neighborhood Living
Mark Taylor, City of Ottawa

Lakeview Park is a popular place for our neighbourhood kids to let loose and play! However, in order for current and future generations to play safely, an update is sorely needed. The current structure is too small, dilapidated and only accommodates a small number of children at one time.

Updates suggested by the community include:

- Replacement of the 20 year old play structure with a larger and more accessible structure that meets current safety standards
--- more challenging climbing equipment for ages 6 and up
--- safer and more accessible toddler structure (ages 2-5)

- Move basketball court 3 to 5 feet north to better accommodate winter rink, and re-paving of court.

- Additional seating (2-3 park benches) in shaded areas.

- Replacement of existing swing sets

- Replacement of existing tire swing

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We, the undersigned, call for the revitalization of Lakeview Park.

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