#Residential Disputes
Palmerston Local Government, NT Government, Visionstream Pty Ltd (Developer)

Optus and Vodafone have contracted Developer - Visionstream Pty Ltd to establish a 22m Telecommunications tower and associated equipment in a 12 X 8m compound, The compound will require further clearing around as firebreak.

The location is directly opposite the Sanctuary Lakes development on Lakeview Boulevard and 64m away from nearest resident on adjacent Davenport Crt.

Apart from the immediate impact on the amenity of the Lakes and the negative visual impact the establishment will require clearing of well established regrowth (numerous woodland species 5-10M tall) which is a part of an ecosystem including a monsoonal/riparian thicket. There is a diverse biota utilising this ecosystem and it has become one of the few intact 'Greenway Corridoors' left in this area.

Tracks alongside and into this area indicate the popular use of walkers, birdwatchers etc. Uncommon to rare bird species have been recently observed here which is exemplary for an urban location. 2 aforementioned species are Rufous Owl and Black Bittern.

There is a less impactive site only 200m away which is adjacent Buscall Avenue and closer to busy roadway Roystonea Ave. This area has less established vegetation, is away from the Lakes and Residents and is more suitable to the industrial nature of this infrastructure.

According to the submission this alternative site was decide against due to some Council and government stipulations regarding access.

We the undersigned call; Visionstream Pty Ltd, Palmerston City Council and NT Government to:
1. Cease. the planning for the establisment of the Telecommunications Tower directly opposite the Sanctuary Lakes, Lakeview Boulevard, Gunn (proposed site C on submission) and
2. Utilise either; the area on Buscall Avenue, closer to Roystonea Avenue (proposed site A on submission), an alternative site on the Southern side of Roystonea Avenue or co-locate with existing infrastructure.

We believe these to be suitable resolutions which supports the rationale for the infrastructure and has less impact on Amenity, visibility, recreational users of the currently intended area, it's residents and the environment.

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