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If 2000's "Save LFN Campaign" taught us anything, it's that not only are the fans of La Femme Nikita loyal, but when we come together, we can make things happen!

*** Please note: this proposal is not to re-release the entire
series on DVD. It will be a multi disc anniversary box set including a few notable episodes featuring video commentary from cast/crew.

This petition is for a La Femme Nikita Anniversary / tribute DVD. The DVD will include everything from the history, casting process, design/style, use of technology and current world issues at the time to the impact the show has made on pop culture.

It will discuss the cult fan following, the fan sites that were created dedicated to "fan fiction" and the message boards in the late 1990's and how it correlates to today's "fandom" with Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. The "Save LFN Campaign" from 2000 and the CQS conventions will also be featured. It also include cast/crew/production interviews and video commentary on their notable episodes.

La Femme Nikita has made such an impact on my life, as well as to so many others and I want to give the show it's proper due tribute. After 10 years since the show ended, there is still a very large, loyal fanbase for this incredible, ground-breaking Warner Brothers production. I truly only want to celebrate the show, production, and cast ....and with the 10 year anniversary (March 4, 2011) being this year, I find it the most fitting time to do so.

Please join me and sign the petition!

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