NCsoft and Asian Media

New Lineage 2 servers are being hosted in South East Asia (L2-SEA) thanks to our friends at Asian Media.

However L2 gaming gaint NCsoft and Asian Media have decided that these new servers will only be available to customers in Malaysia, Philippines & Singapore.

Thus leaving out all OCEANIA players who are still in the 'south east asia' area and potentially missing out on thousands of online gamers who want to play Lineage 2 locally.

All Oceania players, All South East Asia area gamers, All LINEAGE 2 FANS sign this petition to show NCSOFT & Asian Media that there is a MASSIVE Oceania community out there who want to pay to play on the NEW L2-SEA servers.

Stand up and show your support that you want Oceania players on the new L2-SEA servers.

This is the new era of Lineage 2 in South East Asia, don't leave the Oceania community behind.

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