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Yess sir, back in the day where the dynasty warriors series were made for the ps2 and xbox, that was the good stuff. Alot of action, fun gameplay, people were familiar with the characters (lu bu, etc...)..... now just knowing that thats gone is just depressing.

Now with the next gen, koei is focusing more on taking advantage of the xbox 360s processers and advantages than great gameplay and fun (or thats what I heard). I dont want any 'Empire' games, all I and the rest of my cousins want is to simply continue the great series, for there to be a dynasty warriors 6 or something.

Of course take advantage of the systems and make great graphics with great lighting but focus alot on the great gameplay as well, just like you used to.

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The Koei, please make a good dynasty warriors game for the xbox 360!!! petition to Koei was written by Muhammad and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.