Benedict College
United States of America

This petition is for the importance of knowing your
calorie counts. It's important to stay slim but it's so
many obese and overweight people.

Therefore, it's
important to lose weight or maintain it. Without
knowing the calorie counts of food, how can we
make wise choices?

We the college generation, call on the chef at Benedict College to give us a calorie count for our foods for breakfast, lunch ,and dinner.

We also request them to provide the names and types of food we are consuming! Also, this petition is in honor of those who need a special platter of diet foods including baked chicken breast, baked chicken drumsticks, fruits, whole wheat breads and whole wheat pasta, lowest calorie brown rice, low calorie
cereal bars, veggies, and bean on a regular basis, throughout the week. This is so we don't get bored
on our diet!

Thank you!

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