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Ceremonial Secretariat, Cabinet Office
United Kingdom

* Ken Dodd is Britain's undisputed King of Comedy, he is one of, if not THE most successful entertainer in the History of British Theatre, touring over 100 each and every year for the past 55 years.

A Balladeer recording and selling over 100 million records since he turned professional in 1954. 1958 he broke all theatre records at the London Palladium selling out for 42 weeks being the longest run ever in British Theatre to this day. He entertains millions each year, tirelessly works for charities, brings smiles to all ages, and still working the theatres today.

A true man of the British people.

We call on the BRITISH PUBLIC to sign our petition, that will be sent to 10 Downing Street, to have Mr Dodd Esquire of Knotty Ash elevated to SIR KEN DODD.

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