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Venice City Council
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Very few people know the name of the bridge which passes over the Inland Wateway at the intersection of Tamiami Trail and Tampa Avenue. There are no signs indicating the name of the bridge, nor is it named on most maps.

The official name is Hatchett Creek Bascule... believe it or not? By the way, Bascule is French for "seesaw". Here it is used as the type of bridge and the way it opens and closes.

What name should it be? How about naming it after an important person or organization which had a major impact on the city growth for over 40 years? An organization which saved the city in the early 1900's.

The Kentucky Military Institute (KMI) had a tremendous effect on building the city what it is today. Beginning in 1932, after the Stock Market Crash, the owners of three major building in downtown Venice, The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, were in financial difficulties as was the city. KMI rented and then purchased the buildings which were originally built as hotels.

Converting them to a a winter retreat for their students from the campus in Kentucky.

Today the buildings are still the largest and most dominant in the city. Both the school buildings are now National Monuments.

Ringling Circus has a bridge named after it.

Let's name the "no-name bridge" the KMI Bridge.

We, the undersigned, call on the local and state government to give our bridge a name (now the secret name is Hatchett Creek Bascule).

Celebrate the history of Venice, FL by naming the bridge the KMI Bridge.

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