University of Alberta

Kimberly-Clark manufactures the popular Kleenex brand facial tissue, toilet paper and napkins in Canada and is the primary source of toilet paper and paper towels at the University of Alberta.

In North America, less than 19% of the pulp that Kimberly-Clark uses for its disposable tissue products comes from recycled sources.

Kimberly-Clark also sources wood from endangered forests and uses clearcut logging practices. Some of these clearcut forests are found in Alberta’s Endangered Foothills.

For more information please visit www.kleercut.net and www.albertafoothillsnetwork.org

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To the University of Alberta:

We, the undersigned, are concerned with the University of Alberta using Kimberly-Clark as the primary source for paper products on campus. Specifically, we are concerned with:
a. The low recycled content of their paper products
b. Their practice of sourcing wood from Endangered Forests
c. Their practice of clearcutting

We petition the University of Alberta to:
1. Contact Kimberly-Clark about these concerns, and consider canceling its use of these products for disposable tissues until the company addresses these issues.
2. A commitment from the University to adopt an Ethical Purchasing Policy, which would ensure consistency and demonstrate the institution’s commitment to responsible environmental practices.

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