We have been playing one of your illusive Kixeye games called Battle Pirates for almost three (3) years, until recently being banned for alleged cheating.

Although, we understand that cheating is not tolerated it would be tremendously supportive and respectful if you provided adequate proof of such a heinous misconduct.

As instructed upon receiving such a demoralizing notification via the computer generated splash screen, we sent an e-mail to Kixeye Support.

I then provided all required information asking vital questions such as, what proof do you have of my alleged cheating and how did Kixeye receive such evidence.

After I sent this e-mail, I received numerous automated generic replies with a programmed signature informing me that Kixeye can’t provide the needed proof of cheating because it would allow others to modify their cheating methods.

Furthermore, I have also spent a considerable sum of hard earned money and time while playing this problematic game without appreciation or respect as a consumer. In fact, the only commitment I have received from Kixeye has been a notice informing me that my account has been suspended for cheating.

In closing, if you are not willing to provide us with adequate proof of my alleged cheating, then please either refund all the money that I have spent or re-activate my base to full status as it was prior to the alleged cheating notification.

We the undersigned, request that KIXEYE game developer of Battle Pirates, please give us valued paying customers our accounts back so we can once again play this game.

Furthermore, we also ask Kixeye for an apology in regards with being accused as a "cheater" especially without legal proof of such a scandalous wrongdoing.

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