Oregon Governor Kitzhaber and DSL Coordinator Charles Redo
United States of America
Portland Clean Air

Right now as Oregon takes huge strides to become independent of grossly polluting energy sources like coal, Ambre Energy, Peabody Coal want permits for the largest coal export terminals in the United States right on our beautiful Oregon coast line.

We the people and the constituency of the Oregon legislature know that giving these permits for coal export would have serious health impacts related to coal dust, environmental impacts due to coal dust and the potential derailment of coal trains, this would have an adverse effect on traffic for emergency service vehicles due to an already overloaded infrastructure in NW Portland.

We, the citizens of Oregon call on our state legislature to deny permits to Peabody Energy, And Ambre Energy for the building of new coal import/export terminals along the Oregon Coast.

We ask you to deny the permit because Ambre's plans are not consistent with the protection of the health of the people that live near the railways or terminals, conservation and best use of our state's water resources.

Oregon has made huge strides away from coal and is moving toward a clean energy future. Ambre's dirty coal export project will compromise our state's investment in protecting future generations from drastic changes on our planet due to climate change.

Please deny the permit.

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