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Kinderhouse Montessori (KHM) in Mira Mesa is an accredited American Montessori Institute school, dedicated to the developing minds of our children. As parents of children who attend this school, we fully support the school's desires to transition its reach to the elementary school grades.

Currently, only pre-school through kindergarten is offered, and special permission must be obtained by the Mira Mesa Town Comittee and Councilman Carl Demaio before the school is allowed to continue education for the attending childred beyond kindergarten.

This petition is intended to demonstrate that the local community supports this effort. Transition to elementary school will mean so much to those parents who rely on the outstanding care offered by KHM, and by offering the chance to continue our childrens’ education within Mira Mesa, we will continue to develop our shopping habits around our daily commute to and from school, which can only help support the success of local establishments.

From the Parents and Staff of Kinderhouse, thank you for your consideration and support.

We the undersigned, support the transition of Kinderhouse Montessori of Mira Mesa to include Elementary Grades.

The transition to include elementary education will allow children already enrolled at KHM to continue past kindergarten at the KHM Mira Mesa facility. This transition will not result in additional student enrolment, nor will it result in physical expansions.

Failure to allow KHM transition to elementary grades will result in a loss of valuable patronage to local (Mira Mesa) retail and service oriented businesses, as the only alternative accredited Montessori schools are located outside of Mira Mesa.

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