#Human Rights
Florida International University and Coca-Cola
United States of America

Coca-Cola has been accused of hiring para-militaries to murder union workers in its factories in Columbia. Union workers have been killed, threatened, or forced to resign from the union.

For more information, please visit www.killercoke.org and www.cokewatch.org

Florida International University should not support Coca-Cola. A university is expected to be a beacon of moral integrity. The murders of Coca-Cola are unjustifiable. We request that FIU terminates its contract with Coca-Cola.

We, the undersigned, petition the administration of Florida International University to remove Coca-Cola vending machines from the University Park campus, and to cease sponsoring the Coca-Cola company.

Note to students: Please leave your Panther ID number under the comment box. This is necessary for FIU to ensure that you are actually a student.

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