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As you know, one of the most serious problems facing society is that of the pedophile. It is a sickness that avoids all attempts to cure it.

It seems to grow stronger and more vicious with time and often results in the pedophile preforming unspeakable acts before putting the victim to death. With the advent of the Internet, pedophiles have found solace in numbers and there is a proliferation of web sites catering to the pedophile.

These websites allow the pedophile to exchange tips, stories and pictures of their actions and victims. Many jurisdictions have passed laws regulating the possession of child pornography web sites. However, there is a marked difficulty in policing the Internet and finding all of the pedophiles' web sites.

This is why we are asking your support to pass legislation to make it unlawful for Internet host to provide spaces for web sites that promote pedophilia.

Asking the Internet hosting companies to police their own servers is a small item to ask of them considering the amount of profit they generate from the server space they provide.

The following is a description of the law we are purposing:

The law we are purposing would make it illegal for hosting companies to knowingly host any website that contains pornographic material depicting any child under the age of 18.

In addition this law would prohibit said companies from hosting sites that promote pedophilia through stories, pictures, video and any other material describing children in a sexual manner.

In doing this we hope to make it impossible for anyone to access child pornography or material that may be considered helpful to pedophiles.

This law would demand stiff penalties for violators (i.e. website hosting companies) such as substantial jail time for employees who allowed these illegal websites through and heavy fines for the company.

If penalties such as these are not introduced websites hosts will keep on allowing the pedophilic websites to operate on their servers if they can make money off them and there is no long term affect oF the company and its employees if the website is shut down by the authorities.


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