Manatee County Board of County Commissioners
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This letter is ONLY for kids to sign.

By Brice Claypoole, age 15, Suncoast Waterkeeper

Do you love swimming and playing on our beaches? So do I! Unfortunately, Manatee County Commissioners are attempting to remove our local wetland protections. Wetlands filter nutrients and pollutants out of water, so removing protections for them will make our waters dirtier in Manatee and surrounding counties. I think that we kids should get a say in this decision because removing wetland protection will impact our future. Will you sign the youth petition and share it with your friends?

For more information see: https://www.suncoastwaterkeeper.org/save_our_welands

If you’re interested in getting involved further with the youth effort, please contact brice@suncoastwaterkeeper.org.

Dear Manatee County Commissioners,

We are kids who live in Manatee County and the surrounding areas. We love our community and our environment. We are sunset watchers. We are kayakers of mangroves swamps, snorkelers of seagrass beds, and sailors of our beautiful bay. These are the things we love, the experiences that have shaped us.

That’s why we are distressed to see our wetlands disappearing and our waters becoming increasingly dirty. We are concerned that we are losing what we love, that the reckless destruction of our environment being committed today will leave us nothing for tomorrow.

We are shocked and saddened that you are considering removing our already inadequate wetland protections. If our wetlands are destroyed, we stand to lose everything we love about our home forever. Decisions like this will define your legacy. Please, do not eliminate the county’s increased wetland buffer requirements

Thank you,

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