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For far too long children of abuse have been forgotten or let down by the judicial systems. Laws for tougher penalties and public awareness are paramount. We need mandatory laws set up and repeat offenders kept behind bars. We need it to be a crime to abduct a child. The laws governing sentencing powers of judges must surely be revised.

Abused children have a right to justice sadly once your liberty has been stolen you loose your sense of worth and far too many times the judicial system further enhances that belief by allowing the perpetrator of these crimes go free.

We the undersigned call on those with the power to change the laws regarding crimes against children.

Mitigating Circumstances should never be used in matters pertaining to crimes against children.

Hear our concerns and our demand for tougher penalties for those who abuse our children. We call for a mandatory sentences for repeat offenders. We call for consistent sentencing across all states.

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