#Local Government
Thurrock Council
United Kingdom

QUANGO stands for "Quasi Autonomous Non Governmental Organisation" they're companies, organisations that, though funded by the government are not held responsible for anything that they do, and even though they're supported and directed by the government and local authorities, they're completely independent.

They are not as effective as they're meant to be and are at best just Jobs for the boys.

Retirement places for ex-civil servants and "friends" of the government to get paid humungous salaries for doing F all.

Noses in the trough the lot of em!

We the undersigned, wish to let Thurrock Council know that unelected Quangos have no place in Thurrock and that we demand that all Quangos are given the boot.

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The Kick Out The Quangos petition to Thurrock Council was written by Dave Strickson and is in the category Local Government at GoPetition.

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