George W Bush
United States of America

During the history of this Great Nation, the United States, our Nation has been greatly been gifted with many great Presidents; there is one president, however which changed how our nation thought about electing him AFTER he got elected.

His Name is George W. Bush; according to the White House website, he will succeed in making America more secure and the world more peaceful.

Let’s rexamine some of these supposed things that our president has accomplished, into a new light.

First of all, our president cannot speak very well, and stutters and mumbles sometimes when he gives big speeches, this may indicate that one is unconfident to present important information.

Second of all, our president makes stupid remarks during his talks/speeches, known as Bushisms, you can look them up by google or watching him from videos released to the public on the White House website when he talks on issues.

And Finally the final piece of evidence is the simple fact that he will not “make America more secure and the world more peaceful” due to the fact that during the time of Hurricane Katrina, he did not worry about going down to New Orleans until weeks later to help people, and left it up to FEMA, which did a crappy job of cleaning up the mess left over.

Therefore, by this evidence provided, I ask you ladies and gentleman to sign this petition as a first step to Impeach George W Bush and his staff out of the Oval Office.

If you Agree With the evidence above that our President is doing a terrible job at president, and wish to Impeach George W Bush and put him out of the Oval Office,

then Sign this Petition,
A Concerned Citizen of the United States of America

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