Kentucky Fried Chicken
United Kingdom

This petition is directed at Kentucky Fried Chicken UK to add 'Potato & Gravy to their menu's across the UK.

For too long the plight of hungover people everywhere has gone unanswered, we call for a Sunday morning '2 Piece Feed' and it is nowhere to be found.

Please sign ur name against this petition which will be submitted to the KFC UK headquarters when we have enuff names :D :D

Yum Restaurants International
Customer Services Department
32 Goldsworth Road
GU21 6BR

We, the undersigned, call on Kentucky Fried Chicken to add the menu item 'Potato & Gravy' to be sold within the UK & Ireland.

'Potato & Gravy' is one of the best items sold throughout KFC worldwide and it is not included on menu's within the UK and we want it!

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