#Law & Order
The Government of Kenya

The Kenya Police has in the past regimes in our country been neglected and misused to achieve political ends which have not been beneficial to the citizens or the officers.

The officers are demotivated and lack proper compensation for the work that they do, lack any health cover, retirement benefits, housing, transport or any kind of allowance which has led to the deterioration in the services rendered.

The police stations are an eye sore, the customer service desks are unmanned and the records are manual. The filing system is non-existent as there are no computers which contributes to the corruption and poor investigation and apprehension of criminals.

We petition for urgent reforms in this sector, which should be a priority for our Country as all Kenyans are affected whether or not we are police officers. We petition to return confidence in the phrase, "Utumishi kwa wote".

We the undersigned call on the Government of Kenya to prioritize the Kenya Police Department and to expeditiously finance the department to enable the purchase of protective gear, vehicles and the restoration of morale of the many officers who put their lives on the line to provide us with much needed security.

We would want to see a Police man/woman who is confident in the system and in the enforcement of the law, one who is adequately catered for by the State as they perform their duties, an officer who has good housing benefits, a vehicle that will facilitate their duties, health cover and pension for retirement.

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