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The Kenosha Off-leash Dog Park Petition was created In July of 2005 by Lisa Saliture, a life long Kenosha resident with a love for dogs. As a result of the petition, the Kenosha Parks for Dog Committee is being formed.

The committee is planing to promote interest in the dog park by gathering signatures from: Kenosha and surrounding suburban communities, pet businesses and service providers, local humane societies, dog rescues, and the local canine kennel clubs.
The dog park we are petitioning for will be Kenosha's first ever dog exercise park.

The petiton will be presented to the Kenosha Parks Department and other city officials at a public meeting to show the communities' support and interest in having a dog exercise park.

I support the creation of an enclosed, off-leash exercise park for dogs and their owners at one of the following locations: Petrifying Springs Park, part of the New Kenosha Park Plan to be located at 4200-4300 and 39th Avenue, or other public parks and land in Kenosha. Such an area would provide a place where dog owners can exercise and play with their pets, and socialize with other dog owners in the community. It would provide a place for our dogs to run free without affecting others who prefer to remain free of dogs, and recognizes that off-leash activity is a valid recreational activity.

By signing this petition, I certify that I am a supporter of a dog park, and will allow the Kenosha Parks for Dogs Committee to use my name for gaining support from city and county officials.

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