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The switch of hours for Daylight Savings was implemented in the World War II era to save electricity and store it for the war effort. That may have helped in the 1940s, but now it is just a negative risk to everyone.

The switch from forwarding our clocks one hour in the Springtime and Autumntime drastically increases the chances of accidents on the road. "In 1988 the cost of sleep-related accidents exceeded $56 billion and included 24,318 deaths and 2,474,430 disabling injuries" (The New England Journal of Medicine). This is sole because the times where it is dark outside is completely reversed to no sunlight in the morning and longer sunlight in the evening.

There are also severe health risks with the loss of sleep and change of schedule. "In conclusion, these data suggest that shifts to and from DST might transiently affect the incidence and type of acute cardiac events, albeit modestly" (The American Journal of Cardiology).

Lastly, electricity efforts are no longer supporting the results from World War II. "Our main finding is that, contrary to the policy's intent, DST increases electricity demand. The findings are consistent with simulation results that identify a trade-off between reducing demand for lighting and increasing demand for heating and cooling" (The President and Fellows of Harvard College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology),

This petition is to get government attention, specifically for the state of Ohio, to regulate the time change and to not keep forwarding and rewinding the hours to accommodate for the seasons.

We, the undersigned, call on the Ohio state House of Representatives and Senate to eliminate the switch of time between seasons and to keep the time frame continually throughout the whole year.

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