Derbyshire Dales Housing
United Kingdom

The local housing association have stated that after my terminally ill 74 year old Mother dies my brother who is her carer and who has lived in the property himself for 38 years will have to move out! So not only will he lose his mother but the family home he has all his childhood memories in. Unfortunately my mother can not sign, give a verbal agreement or even hold a pen or conversation due to her Vascular Dementia, alzhiemers and numerous other health problems so the tenancy can not be legally passed over to her son who has given up his life to look after her for the last 5 years she has had this illness. Even if the council offer alternative accommodation for my brother surely after 38 years man and boy the council should not take his home away after the loss of his beloved mum. The house was only built to last 30 odd years in the first place so i believe they have paid for the privilege to stay. Please sign our petition so we can show the council the injustice and heartbreak this will cause. Thank you so much on behalf of Wayne, my mum and all the family x

We the undersigned call on Derbyshire Dales Housing to allow Wayne Hydes to stay in the home he has lived in for the last 38 years after the eventual passing of his much loved mum. We would like him to stay in the home and thus allowing him to create more happy memories and to have the familiar surroundings he has come accustomed to waking up to for the last 38 years.

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