Jack Watts MUST not be traded to another AFL club. It would be a shocking mistake and a mistake that can be very easily be avoided. As we all know, Jack Watts was picked at number 1 in the 2008 National Draft. He has played 153 games in 9 seasons in various roles and there has been a lot of pressure on him to be a super player. After riding the highs and lows of his career so far, he is a crucial part of our team. Melbourne Football Club officials tend to have a short memory as 2016 was his best season to date. These statistics may help.

Season Club K H D M HO FF FA T G B AF
2017 Melbourne 129 122 251 77 53 10 9 42 22 9 1207
2016 Melbourne 226 125 351 139 42 11 16 39 38 18 1752
2015 Melbourne 169 156 325 102 29 14 13 42 10 6 1363
2014 Melbourne 200 185 385 109 2 12 17 58 13 8 1578
2013 Melbourne 157 110 267 95 11 8 14 29 22 12 1213
2012 Melbourne 149 129 278 83 2 10 13 23 5 1 1050
2011 Melbourne 198 157 355 124 9 14 17 52 21 11 1597
2010 Melbourne 115 74 189 70 9 14 13 15 10 4 811
2009 Melbourne 16 11 27 9 0 2 6 1 2 2 99

Unfortunately for Watts, 2017 was full of injuries for the Melbourne Football Club. Not only did he sustain an injury during the 2017 season but at many points, during games, he was forced to have spells in the ruck, which no doubt zapped him of his much-needed energy to be a playmaker and a forward target. Jack is one of the best set shots in the AFL which is extremely difficult to come by. As can be seen by the statistics above in 2016 he had more Kicks and Marks than in any previous year. He also kicked more goals and notched up more fantasy points than in any other season. Another thing that is ludicrous about this possible trade is what will we get for him on the market. There is everything to suggest that the Melbourne Football Club will not receive an adequate deal. There will not be any first round draft picks for the upcoming Draft or future drafts. How does this make any sene? Keeping him will mean that our depth will widen, especially with the arrival of Jake Lever. Trading Jack could also have negative impacts for our club. It is widely known that Jack Watts and Dean Kent are best mates with Jesse Hogan. If Watts were to leave that would just give Jesse Hogan more reasons to seek a trade back to WA sooner rather than later.

We, the undersigned demand that the Melbourne Football Club immediately take Jack Watts OFF the trade table. The trade makes no sense, to begin with. and would only put our club in a worse situation as we would need to find a player that has an amazing set shot for goal and can read the play very well. Whilst we understand there has been some frustration with Jack Watts, we believe that it is the coaching staffs' duty to help mould him into a much better player. If this demand is not carried out, the club will lose memberships and we will go back downhill. We cannot simply pluck out of thin air, a player than can kick up to 38 goals a season. Any potential suitors will likely obtain his services for nothing, as neither Port Adelaide or Sydney are able to offer us a 1st round pick in this year's draft or next years..

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