National Park Service/Vanderbilt Mansion Historic Site
United States of America

The National Park Service has proposed the clear-cutting of 1,000 trees on the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site in Hyde Park, New York. The stated reason for such clear-cutting is safety and to create a visual barrier between the mansion and Route 9.

The stand of trees is comprised of approximately eleven acres, containing nearly 1,000 trees. The NPS has already removed 250 trees in recent years.

We, the undersigned, oppose the reckless clear-cutting of 1,000 trees at the Vanderbilt Mansion Historic Site, as now proposed by the National Park Service (NPS), the stewards of the site.

We request the NPS assess the condition of individual trees and make such an assessment available to the public. We request that documentation be provided with data reflecting the danger these trees present to the public: how many people have been killed or seriously injured by these trees in the last five years? Who are these trees bothering anyway?

If all of the proposed trees are removed, the visual barrier that is currently in place will be gone, leaving a gaping hole that cannot be replaced for years until the mature growth of intended re-plantings. The indiscriminate removal of the roadside and other trees is in direct conflict with the NPS intention of protecting the visual barrier.

We urge the NPS to extend the public comment period beyond the current September 18 deadline to allow the public adequate opportunity to review all pertinent studies and documentation.

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