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The Undertaker's 14-0 record at Wrestlemania is one of the only records left in wrestling that holds any meaning. If online reports are correct, Batista is a man who has given little sacrifice to be in the world of wrestling, he is ungrateful towards fans, and a discipline problem in the locker room. Not to mention the lack of technical wrestling ability and microphone skills.

Nobody is arguing that Batista is not a good athlete, but he is not a great pro wrestler like The Undertaker. I realize that this petition may not even receive a split second of thought, and I realize that writing stories in the WWE is a very difficult task, but to have Batista end the Undertaker's streak is a travesty against the wrestling world, and following is a list of long-term wrestling fans who will refuse to watch WWE programming or purchase merchandise of any kind would Batista win at Wrestlemania 23.

Please, sign this petition only if you are a serious wrestling fan who tunes in every week. This petition is for anyone who will refuse WWE programming or purchase if Batista defeats the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

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