Parents and Staff of Silver Gate Elementary
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Tire crumb, or crumb rubber is finely ground up pieces of car and truck tires. Tires contain heavy metals, known carcinogens, and other toxic substances.

Our young children ages 5-10, their small developing bodies being the most vulnerable to chemical exposure, have a high possibility of ingesting these pieces or coming into dermal contact with them. Crumb rubber artificial turf is not deemed safe for our children to be exposed to by any federal agency, nor is it an environmentally friendly product.

This type of artificial turf is set to be installed at Silver Gate by October 2016, with a finish date of January 2017. There are alternative non-toxic infills to use in artificial turf, or the option of going to natural turf. Let's ban crumb rubber at our school and let our district know that we want a safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly turf for our children to play on.

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We, the parents and staff of Silver Gate Elementary, do not want an artificial turf with a crumb rubber infill installed at our school site. We want our district to give us options in infills for artificial turf, or discuss using natural turf.

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