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The trucking industry IS VITAL to our country, especially in this time of the Coronavirus lockdown and outbreak. It is also as vital that the men and women bringing our every day goods for us to survive and eat also get the proper rest and use of the bathroom facilities at the REST STOPS along the interstates and to not be turned away only to have to find a spot along the road to rest or find some tall grass to do their private business in. This is also in consideration that since all the restaurants' dine-in is restricted, you must know these same people cannot use a drive-thru to get their food. Thus, at least they could pack a lunch and be safely parked out of everyone's way at a rest stop. PLEASE HELP US HELP THEM AND LET THEM DO THEIR JOBS SAFELY THANK YOU!!!

"We, the undersigned, call on the LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS to re-open the rest stops for the well being and safety of all the businesses and Truckers that drive our highways and bring our food and let them get safely back to their families"

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