New York State Parole Board
United States of America

We are pleading with the Parole Board to keep a very dangerous criminal, Robert Golub, in prison. The heinous story you are about to read is the reason why.

This is the story of how Robert Golub murdered Kelly Tinyes. An innocent child; a young girl just beginning her teenage years. A beautiful person who had her entire life ahead of her . . . until the day Robert Golub decided to end it.

On March 3, 1989, Kelly Tinyes returned home from school at 2:30PM as usual. Her father dropped her off at home and asked her to babysit her younger 8 year old brother, Richie. It was a pleasant afternoon and the quiet suburban Street where she lived was laced with neighborhood children playing outside.

Kelly grabbed a snack and then the telephone rang. The mysterious phone call was from a neighbor’s home. The Golub home. Just 3 doors down the block.
Kelly was on the phone for a minute or so before she hung up and left the house in a hurry, telling her brother that she was going to see her friend and that she would only be gone for a little while. But Kelly never returned home and no one ever saw Kelly alive again. No one except . . . Robert Golub.

You see, it was Robert who lured Kelly to his house. And although we will never know what it was that he said to get her there, we do know that his intentions were to harm her . . . to sexually violate her . . . to viciously and sadistically torture and murder her!

When Kelly arrived at the front door of the Golub home, she had no idea evil was lurking behind it. The neighborhood children who saw her walk through that door were the last to see her forever. We can only imagine the horror Kelly felt swell up inside her when she realized for the first time that Robert brought her there with such evil intentions. Robert forced Kelly to the basement where he beat her mercilessly, bit & sexually tortured her & eventually strangled her. But he wasn’t finished with Kelly even after she had died. Robert proceeded to sexually mutilate and rip apart Kelly’s battered body and when he had had enough, he stuffed what was left of Kelly in a sleeping bag and hid the bag under the stairs in his basement. Pure evil is the only way to describe Robert Golub.

When the evidence trail eventually led the police to the Golub home the next day and to Kelly’s body, the gruesome murder was uncovered and ultimately Robert Golub was arrested. He was tried, convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. He is where he belongs. He is where he should die.

We are Kelly’s family. Her mom, dad, brother, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Our family was devastated that day; never to know the life we had before Robert Golub took our Kelly away from us. Kelly was denied the chance to grow up and to have a family of her own. To live. When Robert Golub took Kelly’s life he took her lifetime; her future, and all of the wonderful things Kelly could have done. All the people whose lives would have been that much better by just knowing her, never had the chance because of this monster. He must never be allowed to inflict this indescribable devastation on another human being, or on another family.

We are begging you to help us keep Robert Golub incarcerated. Please help us make sure that he will never be freed from his prison, just as we can never be freed from the pain and inconsolable grief his actions have caused our family. Robert Golub has never shown remorse or any human emotion for what he has done and we believe he would murder again if given the chance. Help us make sure he never gets that chance. Help us for Kelly.

We, the undersigned, call on the New York State Parole Board to deny the parole request of Robert Golub 90A8024.

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