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We the concerned, friends and families of Sarnia Lambton and surrounding areas sign this petition to request that the therapy pool in Bluewater Health stay open, to keep it safe from the cutting block.We are forgetting to keep peoples'chances to return to a normal life of utmost importance. As in the case of Steve Lithgow, the pool has played a key role in his ability to start to walk. He is not alone in this walk in life; there are many others.

This pool is a therapy pool, not for public use, therefore it is the proper warmth, depth, has therapists and volunteers, and is set in an environment which does not overstimulate a brain-injured victim. Steve and a few others have feeding tubes, making this pool safer for someone with an opening in their body, such as a feed tube or tracheotomy. If Steve were to get sick it would set him back greatly, as it would the others.

This pool must stay for those now and the people yet to come. Let's make Sarnia the best place for recovery. As it says in its own mission statement:
"To provide excellent patient and family centered care".
"Pursuit of such excellence requires that we do the right thing in all our affairs".

We the unersigned ask that patient care and recovery be of first concern before being cut and that the patients involved in the therapies need be a part of the decision to see that everything that can be done to save it has been, leave no stone underturned for the good of the people.

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