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This petition is to keep Theo's Cheesesteak Shop at its current location 121 Spear Street, SF, Suite B-19 ( 768 sqft ) . Theo's Cheesesteak Shop has been a staple in the Rincon Center and Financial District for the last 9 years. Opened it's doors in 2007 the owner Theo Hobson took a huge risk and invested his life savings for a dream to be a restaurant business owner and feed the people of San Francisco.

Theo's is known for a variety of Cheesesteaks the famous Monster, Hangover and classic Theo's Cheesesteak along with many other favorites. He has a very loyal following and has always catered to the working people. During the recession Theo's restaurant stayed open while many other businesses around him closed. He has been successful because of his work ethic and immaculate way of running his custom built shop. Theo has re-invested his hard working money to advertise and promote his current location over many years.

Theo has always paid his rent on time, is there every day and stays open when everyone else closes because he knows people work late and need to eat. Hudson Property Management has been "revamping" the Rincon Center and many small businesses have been affected and/or closed by this new change.

Theo's has employed dozens of people and served thousands of patrons for the past nine years. It's taken that long to build a loyal following in his location. To have to relocate would be expensive, impractical and difficult to keep the level of success he has built.

We ask you to join our voice in letting Hudson Property Management know that Theo's Cheesesteak Shop needs to stay in it's current location 121 Spear St,Suite B-19 and operate business as usual.

We are hoping with enough support that Hudson Property Management will reconsider this very undesirable decision they have made. Please sign the petition we appreciate your support and loyalty with this very important and urgent matter. Thank you and look forward to feeding you for many more years.

We the undersigned call on Hudson Property Management to reconsider the relocation of Theo's Cheesesteak Shop therefor keeping Theo's Cheesesteak Shop at its current location 121 Spear Street, Suite B-19 in the Rincon Courtyard.

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