#Animal Rights

January 12, 2006

Keep the seal hunt. It creates jobs and a stable economy in the north. Also it is a source of food for the people.

Studies show only 1 in 100 seals are killed inhumanly compared to chickens in the United Stats of America, the making of veal and fishing; the killing of the seal doesn't seem all that bad.

Also there has been steps taken to make the killing of seals even more humane. I find that the only reason people care is because seals are cuter than chickens or cows. If you are going to stop the seal hunt you should look at the whole picture and stand up for the other animals and try to remember the humans have to eat to and not just plants especially for developing children they need the vitamins and nutrients.

Also it is very hard to grow plants that far north. therefor it is my belief that the seal hunt should be continued.

We petition to keep the seal hunt.

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