#Animal Welfare
United Kingdom

Each year more than 33,000 rabbits are handed over to shelters because their owners can’t or won’t look after them. Caroline Collings runs the Rabbit Residence rescue centre by herself, with only a hand full of volunteers who come and go.

The rescue is based on a 1/3rd of an acre which was bought with £5,000 kindly donated by a benefactor. The rescue is not a profit making business and relies solely on donations made by people adopting rabbits.

The rescue is now under threat of closing unless planning permission is obtained. With almost 100 rabbits that are housed in runs and hutches awaiting new homes, the closure of this rescue centre would be devastating.

We, the undersigned, call on the local council to allow the Rabbit Residence Rescue centre to continue operating out of its current site.

We agree that the Rabbit Residence is providing a valuable service both for rabbits in need as well as educating owners and the public in how best to care for rabbits.

The Keep the Rabbit Residence open petition to Council was written by Catherine Worth and is in the category Animal Welfare at GoPetition.