The Pride of Kinston,The City of Kinston & The City Council
United States of America

This petition is to ensure that you, the citizens are aware of Adrian King of the Pride of Kinston's recent attempt to have the Platinum Club/Paramount Theater closed down.

Due to press article and negative attacks stating "that the business is a danger and eyesore," we are reaching out to you, the citizens of our community for support during these negative attacks.

As one of the last African American owned businesses in the historic downtown Kinston district, we are asking that you sign this petition to simply demonstrate and magnify the power and the voice of the people to keep the Platinum Club open to serve our customers.

This may will make 5 years we have been in business without any funding from Adrian King and the Pride of Kinston. There are several businesses that are closed down that received funding from The Pride of Kinston that opened after my business. Adrian King is responsible for the distribution of restoration funding for the downtown area. After almost 5 years, I have received no funding and yet and still he has declared my building an eyesore and made several attempts to close the business down.

We are requesting that the City of Kinston, The City Council, and the Pride of Kinston refrain from any further actions to change ordiances that would allow them to close another African American Small Business down in the Historic Downtown Kinston District.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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