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For over a decade Laramie High School students facing their senior year have celebrated their “Plainsman Pride” encouraged to do so by one woman, Anne Brande. These “Plainsman Pride” portraits are truly unique because they artistically incorporate all facets of student life from sports to drama club, student government to FFA and have been embraced by faculty and were proudly displayed and the old Laramie high school. These photographs celebrate graduating students that make great choices, study hard, show LHS pride and who want to make a difference in the world they live in. Students reached out to Anne and volunteered to be a part of this lasting memory with the support of many of the faculty and staff over the past 14 years. Encouraged by many, in the Fall of 2016, Ludwigs donated all 14 Plainsman Pride photographs to be displayed at the new Laramie high school. When looking at the exhibit, it is obvious that this celebration has grown passionately over the last 14 years both in participation and nostalgia.
Although as recently as last fall the staff and superintendent assisted with insuring the display was at the new high school and assisting with the cost of framing the ACSD #1 school board capriciously decided it must come down.
But you can make a difference. You can sign this petition and let our community know you want to have this exhibit remain because it shows diversity, pride, and camaraderie among the students at the Laramie High School.

As members of the community, parents, faculty, and students of the Laramie High School, we call for the ACSD #1 Board members to keep the Plainsman Pride photographic collection on display at the Laramie High School as a show of school pride and community support.

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