Fresh beat band

This is so that all the people who love the new marina on the fresh beats, they can show it here. They can show their love of her kindness and her smile.

Everybody has to love her. How is it possible not too?

The new Marina has way better dance moves. Here are some things she brings to the show and the songs to make them better:

- she puts effort into it
- she doesn't slack off
- she DEFINETLY helps with the song writing
- she brings more joy and excitement
- her smile can light up the whole world!

And here are some reasons it's good the new marina is gone:

- her voice was too low
- her dance moves were effortless
- she quit so she didn't care
- she was a soap star for gods sake, she doesn't belong on a little kids show

Now I'm not saying I hate her I'm just saying there are many more improvements in the show now. Please I want to get as many people to sign it as I can. I love the fresh beat band and I want her to stay until the show gets canceled. In fact I don't even want the show to ever get canceled and I doubt it will anytime soon. So please sign if you agree. Thank you.

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