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***UPDATE*** There is now an 'official' petition to be tabled with Parliament. Please re-sign or sign if you haven't already at:


In the proposed changes a bus will no longer travel the route from West Hobart straight through to Mt Stuart. Instead the West Hobart bus will start and end in Mellifont street. The Mount Stuart bus will start from Dale crescent through North Hobart. This will impact many residents for whom the changes will mean inconvenience and danger.

It would mean those residents, especially the elderly (and those who need assistance walking such as walking sticks) who regularly attend Newdegate Medical Centre and young children who live on Summerhill Rd and Clift St would have to walk up two very steep hills. They would also have to cross the heavy traffic on Mellifont Street which is not serviced by traffic lights. This would be extremely dangerous in peak traffic.

I also know people of all ages who get this bus after work and would not feel comfortable walking a longer distance in the dark (6 bus stops will be forsaken in the proposed changes) especially with groceries or other shopping.

One of the effects of the cessation of the service would result in more cars and taxis on the road and by consequence more traffic congestion.

We believe that Metro Tasmania did not make this information clearly available to patrons of their service. No signs were displayed indicating the proposed changes on the bus stops or on the affected buses effectually preventing feedback by the affected clients.

Please take this opportunity to give your feedback now by contacting Metro Tasmania customer service on correspondence@metrotas.com.au (or call 13 22 01). Please also sign this petition, if enough people protest their dissatisfaction with the changes we can maintain services the affected areas of Mount Stuart/West Hobart.

See below the diagram of the proposed new route 540.

From West Hobart 540

We as residents and current or potential patrons to your services ask that you do NOT proceed with planned changes to the Mount Stuart/West Hobart routes which will no longer travel through Summer Hill road and Clift St elimating 6 bus stops and disadvantaging travelers from young to elderly.

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