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This is a petition in response to the rising of petitions on youtube.com calling for the next Guitar Hero game to feature a song by the Jonas Brothers.

This CANNOT be allowed. The Jonas Brothers music is not known for the guitar skill. Their songs consist of little more than 4-6 chords repeated over and over. This would provide no challenge for the seasoned players of Guitar Hero nor would it be fun for a majority of the players that aren‘t JB fanatics.

They are not a rock band. They are pop. They do not represent the gritty rock and roll lifestyle that Guitar Hero is trying to project. Their music doesn’t appeal to the majority of GH fans whom tend to prefer rock and metal. Many of the JB fans don’t play GH and are simply doing this because they want to “Show how dedicated they are”.

Does that seem like a valid reason to try to force a game to feature their band when they would be clearly out of place in the game?

If you’re a GH fan and agree that the Jonas Brothers DO NOT need to be added to the GH song list, please show your support by signing this petition.

Thank you for your support.

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