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The area of land at between Tyson Road and Honor Oak Rd in Forest Hill should not be developed into flats. We think that this wild area is a valuable area of natural beauty and important for Forest Hill in retaining it’s biodiversity.

This open green space is extensively wooded and has many old trees under preservation orders. This area is one of the oldest and most established green sites in Honor Oak as it was once a Georgian garden. To retain the character and identity of Forest Hill, we are strongly opposed to the devastation of this area, which as an open space enhances the standard of living of residents in the area, not to mention the many schools and resident families surrounding the site.

We have seen the proposed plans and architect’s model of the flats and in my opinion, the development is unnecessarily large, over-dense and ambitious for the size of the site. This can only lead to a feeling of over-cramped living conditions in the local area. The existence of a 77 space car park will generate traffic problems in an already busy area, not to mention an increase of cars in a dangerous road with two schools.

The scale of the development is completely inappropriate for the area: the height of the buildings will completely compromise residents’ privacy and disrupt many currently beautiful views of Victorian and Georgian buildings and trees. The nature of the development is such that we feel it will cause total disruption in the area, not only to residents, but more importantly to the abundant nature in this spot.

Please object to the Council by sending an email to planning@lewisham.gov.uk quoting reference 08/70207 in the subject line, and include your name and address.

More info on the application is here

We, the undersigned, call for the rejection of the proposal to destroy the woodland areas around Tyson Road and Honor Oak Rd.

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