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In 2015, Eastern Airlines was reborn after a 20 year absence as a charter carrier to Cuba and other parts of the Carribean with long term plans to return to scheduled service. In the summer of 2017 Eastern was sold to Swift Air after a time of declining revenue. Eastern as a separate company was no more. In September 2017, Swift surrendered Eastern's AOC to the FAA.

At this point there are two planes that are still in the Eastern livery. Swift is deciding about the future use of the Eastern brand. Former employees and fans would like Swift to keep the name in some form because it is a special brand that should be treated with care and respect. There are many ways that the brand can be used. One idea is to make Eastern a low-cost scheduled carrier to secondary markets in the USA, as well as the Caribbean and South America. We are calling for Swift to find a creative way to keep the brand alive either through their own efforts or to sell the brand to someone who will keep the "Wings of Man" in the sky.
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We the undersigned call on the Swift Air to find an effective way to use Eastern Airlines brand and keep the "Wings of Man" in the sky. When a new version of Eastern airlines soared into the air in 2015, former employees and fans of the original Eastern who were excited to see a storied airline back in the air after a two decade absence. In 2017, after falling into financial difficulty, Eastern was acquired by Swift Air. The legacy of both the original airline and its successor now rests with your company. We are thankful that Swift has kept the Eastern livery on two planes and hope this is a sign that Swift will find a way to keep the brand viable. As the current owners of this brand, we hope you will use it in a way that lives up to the tradition of Eastern.

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