The Cronulla Sutherland Sharks are a professional rugby league team operating in the Sutherland Shire south of Sydney. This petition has been set up to provide proof to the NRL should they try to relocate the Cronulla Sharks out of the Shire, us the fans will not follow and will turn our support to a rival code.

Let's not be complacent, this threat is very real and is high on the NRL agenda. Let's not leave it until it is to late, like previous clubs that are now playing in a second tier competition being used as nothing more then a feeder club. The Cowboys got 30,000 + signatures for a refs blunder, we could be talkng about our clubs future here and need to exceed 30,000 to be heard.

We urge all Rugby League fans to spread this petition. Let's show all the doubters what us sharks fans are all about ( pride, passion and loyalty ) because in the end it could well come down to people power ( the fans ) that make the difference.

I for one am sick of hearing about people saying the Sharks have no supporter base, low membership, low crowd figures, when in reality the Sharks perform well above a lot of other clubs in all the above areas.

Since the Sharks' inclusion into the top tier competition in 1967 they have shown the true grit, determination and passion to keep the Sharks in the Shire.

The Shire remains one of Rugby Leagues only true Rugby League communities and any move to take this proud club out of the Shire will be another nail in rugby league's coffin.

We urge all Sharks fans and Rugby League fans in general to show their passion and sign and share this petition before the powers that be destroy our great club.

Keep the Cronulla Sharks in the Shire.

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